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Quality Handmade Felt Products from Nepal

Felt Ball & Rugs

Felt Ball Rugs is owned by SHERPA MART PVT LTD.  It is an Online Store where we sell felt balls, felt ball rugs and different felt accessories from Nepalese craftswomen and many small companies in a very reasonable price. We buy goods from them and sell them online to the world. All our craftswomen are expert in their skills and our products are completely handmade. We strictly go through our products for the quality. Child labour is strictly prohibited in our working area. We are working together hard to give extra wings to Nepalese women so that they can fly independently.

We  are one of the top Nepal based suppliers and manufacturers of felt products. Our major products are  felt ball rugs ,felt balls and various felt accessories. All felt balls are hand-made from the best New Zealand's wool by our Nepalese craftswomen. The wool is suitale for everyone and is completely non-synthetic and eco-friendly. It is biodegradable plus safe for children and pets. It is perfect for everyone and everywhere.

We make a huge effort to supply our products at the highest quality and at the same time provide our customers with full satisfaction and wide ranges of selection in competitive prices.Currently we have more than 90 different  colors available [View Color Chart].Your satisfaction and safety are our top concern because we care about our customers and we do.



We aim to be the TOP SUPPLIER of All Handmade Felt Products and most admired Felt Company from Nepal maintaing our top quality and service.



    1.  Encourage Nepali Crafts Women and Uplift their living standard.
    2. Promote Nepali Handmade Felt Products worlwide.


Exclusive Felt Ball Rugs and other Felt Accessories at an Exclusive Prices.

We, Felt Ball Rugs is doing our best everyday to provide our worldwide customers with the finest quality of felt ball rugs and other felt accesories from Kathamndu, Nepal. Our exclusively handmade felt rugs are of top quality in the market is the perfect choice for your home / children. It adds an extra charm to your room.

Our Handcrafted felt ball rugs are available in different designs and color combinations for both round and rectangle shape. We are working with 80 beautiful colors and you can also customize the rug of your own size,color and pattern.

We are the manufacturer of all handmade felt products and is shipped directly to our customers. The prices are undoubtedly very reasonable with the quality of our felt products.


Reasons you should buy from us :

     1. Top Quality comparatively in the market.
     2. Beautiful color combinations.
     3. Fully customizable from 80 beautiful colors.
     4. 100% Guaranteed Quality.
     5. Refund Policy Available.
     6. Completely Child Labor Free.
     7. 100% Fair Trade. 

 We also do wholesale. If you are interested to sell our products, contact us to know how we can help you to minimize the overall costing.